6. Jargon listΒΆ


   A copy of the project's files. Before working on the project's files, users should create a "branch" of the project and "clone" that to their own computer. If the contributor is successful, the branch will eventually be merged into the master branch.

Core App
   the primary module of the project, with which all other apps must be compatible.

   "database". The database we use is Postgresql

Projects tab
   The fourth tab along under the headings on this page: https://github.com/LearnToCodeApp-Group/LearnToCodeApp

Pull Request
    A request on Github (using the Pull Request tab) for the contributor's code to be added to the master branch.

   User Interface. This is the user facing part of the software - the "screens" or pages that the user interacts with. In a website it would be the webpage, for Firefox it would be the Toolbar and settings pages etc.

   A web page generated by the Django templating system. In other words, it is an HTML webpage seen by either a user of the programme or a client (if client login in enabled).

Work stream
   One of the main workflows for the project. To see how these are divided, please see the "How to Contribute" page.