8. Submit a change to the repository

Most contributions you make to the project will involve making a change to the code. The changes will not be automatically incorporated within the shared version of the project (the “Master” branch).

Instead, you make a change to a copy of the repository (a “branch”) and suggest the change is included in the shared version (a “pull request”).

Since this is central to the task, you may as well get started straight away. If you have no other changes to suggest, you can add your name or username to the list of collaborators in the “readme” file.

You will need to do the following:

Make sure you have a virtual environment set up and are using it.

Make sure you have Python3 installed.

Make sure you have Git installed in the virtual environment.

“branch” the main repository. You will need to click on the button which currently says “main” and give the branch a name.

Clone the branch to your computer.

Make a change to the files on your computer.

Add then commit the changes to your local copy of the repository.

Push the changes to the remote copy of the repository (your branch).

Submit a pull request.